STARanch Alpacas is the first Alpaca ranch in Alva, Florida and the first to offer Alpacas for sale in Alva, Florida. This is an alpaca ranch built by the Smith and Tuscan families in order to bring the alpaca lifestyle to this quaint rural location near Ft Myers, Florida.  We are growing closer together as a ranching family and are working to produce the finest herd of alpacas genes will allow.  Please check out our site and our herd now, and as we grow. We have alpacas for sale in Florida and alpacas for sale throughout the United States.

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Featuring the Finest Huacaya Alpacas Genes Allow!!
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CONTRARY TO NAPLES DAILEY NEW !!!!  YOU CANNOT RIDE AN ALPACA.  This section in the Naples Dailey News was  printed without our consultation.  Our ranch is booked heavily already this weekend for ranch tours.  Please call before you come.  There is no open visitation at the ranch this weekend.  No treks are available as it is too hot and stressful on the animals this time of year, not to mention too wet for people.  Please call the ranch at 239-728-5022 and check for availability, again the ranch is NOT OPEN  for visitation without an appointment.